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Both lifetime residents of WI, they have the experience and knowledge to provide clients with the details needed to make solid buying decisions. It’s crucial to work with realtors who know the market, and know the lakes when shopping for waterfront property.  Both avid fishermen, Ben & Mike offer clients details and specifics on bodies of water which can play a major role in buyer decisions.

Quick And To The Point:  They listen to their clients first, then take fast action to deliver exactly what they need.

Knowledgeable: Lifetime Wisconsinites, they put their knowledge of area lakes and rivers to work for their clients;

Straightforward: They tell it like it is so clients are always well educated and informed.

As you know, the Badger state features a vast selection of lakes and rivers, each unique in it’s own way. There can be a tremendous difference in bodies of water even only a couple of miles away from one another.  One may be clear, with a sandy bottom, while the lake down the road could be shallow and mucky.

Probably the 2 main concerns buyers have focus on the fishing, and whether or not a body of water is “water ski-able.” Luckily, many lakes are good for both so buyers are often able to have both options at hand. In order to really get the best of both worlds, however, it’s important to work with a realtor who really knows the area and lakes well.

Some man made lakes, for example, although listed as “water ski lakes”, can be riddled with logs and flooded timber making operating boats at high speeds rather dangerous. And some lakes that are parts of river systems may have large amounts of floating timber making its way down river which can pose an issue for water skiers.

Green algae is also an issue in some lakes, especially near residential areas. Lake Mendota, Monona, and Waubesa in Dane County near Madison are excellent examples of this. Phosphates from lawn fertilizers and crop land drain into the lakes during storms and winter thaws. Once mid summer hits and the water approaches 80 degrees, the algae bloom can hit hard creating unpleasant smells and green gunk practically everywhere. Unless a buyer was familiar with these lakes, or happened to see a bloom first hand he or she would have no idea that this occurred at all.

Many buyers interested in fishing inquire about walleye populations in certain bodies of water they are interested in lake homes for sale in Wisconsin on. As you know, walleye is probably the most popular and sought after fish in all of the state.  With populations of these fish seen state wide, many lakes can be excellent walleye fisheries. Many buyer’s turn to stocking reports as a good rule of thumb in measuring a lakes walleye population. While this can be a good rule of thumb, it can also be a bit deceiving. Fry, for example, although stocked in huge numbers have recently been proven to have a dismal survival rate. And different strains of walleye are noted to do better in certain bodies of water.

Native Americans can legally spear walleye and other fish in ceded territory. As a result, many lakes once sporting outstanding walleye fisheries are now void of large fish due to the over harvest of spawning females. Buying Wisconsin lake homes on lakes that are heavily speared may not be in the best interest of a buyer looking for top producing walleye water.

lake homes wisconsin for saleWisconsin Lake Homes For Sale are available on a wide variety of water types and can receive fluctuating boating traffic due to location and water quality. Many lakes like Jordan in Adams county have put no wake times in place. To many, this is ideal because it allows owners of Wisconsin lake homes to have some peace and quiet. In most cases the wake limits are in the morning and afternoon hours. To some water skiers and wake boarders this can be a bummer because they tend to seek the calmer waters that the windless mornings and evenings can produce. Swan Lake and Park Lake, both in Columbia county, may also become no wake lakes in the near future.

Since cabins and homes on water ski lakes are the most popular lake homes for sale in Wisconsin, these also tend to be the most crowded during warm summer months. Lakes around popular resort destinations can be very crowded at times. Lake Delton in the Wisconsin Dells, Lake Geneva in Walworth county, Lake WI in Columbia and Sauk counties, Lake Redstone near Reedsburg, Castle Rock Lake in Adams County, Big and Little Green lakes, Lake Puckaway near Montello, all of these are examples of rather high traffic water ski lakes that can get very crowded in the summer and may not be ideal for buyers looking for peace and quiet or the type of solitude one imagines when picturing a northwoods cabin or peaceful retreat type of getaway.

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